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How To Care For Your Basketball Shoes

Series of basketball shoes have become so popular these days and many people especially those who are fond of this sport as well as shoe collectors across the globe can’t get enough of these. Given that you do have one on the other hand, the question now is how you must care for your shoes to be certain that it’ll stay in excellent condition for a long time? If you want to know how you can maintain the quality and condition of your shoes, read on.

In reality, there are 2 reasons to why these shoes are maintained rigorously, one is for the appearance and the other is for performance. Now in the latter, the key is proper preservation and for its appearance, science cleaning plays an integral factor for it.

The first thing that you must do is place your shoes on well ventilated and dry place and at the same time, out of direct sunlight. Because such shoes corrupt in humid environment and sun exposure makes some materials to fade.

Second, you have to consider stuffing soft spitball in your shoes when preserving the shoes. The reason is fairly simple, spitballs have this ability of absorbing residual water, which ensures that the shoes are totally dried from the inside. Apart from that, it has the capability of maintaining the shape of your shoes, therefore keeping its original form.

Thirdly, you must use a shrink film to some collectible shoes in order to preserve them. Much like in shoe stores, they are completely packing the shoes to be able to separate them from air and also, to prevent constant air oxidation for extended period of time. As an example, outsoles of the shoes would turn yellow or fade gradually in the next few years. With that, it’s going to be a good choice if you are going to make use of a shrink film to be able to maintain the shoe’s original color.

Fourth, each and every shoe is made from different material and so does the method of cleaning for them. Using collar cleaner, you can spray it to the shoe outsoles and to some side parts of non-nylon materials. Count to 10 seconds and then get a toothbrush to scrub it with soft bristle gently. The brushing time on the other hand should not be long enough and as soon as you are done brushing it, wash it with cold or warm water to get rid of the foam and minimize erosion of chemicals on your shoes.

And the last tip, which is the simplest is to use your shoes properly.

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