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3 Things You Should Discuss With Your Personal Trainer

Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply become healthier for your own personal good, there’s always a better chance of you achieving your goals by hiring a personal trainer. These people are educated and trained to provide others with expert skills and knowledge to help them get where they need to go with ease and safety. If you’re a first timer when it comes to personal trainers, you should be sure to discuss a few things so you’re both aware of each others’ expectations. This will help keep both of you on the same page and will start you off on the right foot in your journey towards improving your fitness.

1. Be Honest About Your Physical Status – It’s important that you discuss your physical status with your personal trainer so they can come up with an effective workout routine for you. This will help them develop a workout especially that it’s important to have a baseline before they can do so. It’s important to remember that personal trainers aren’t there to make fun of you or shame you for the things you can’t do, so don’t lie when they ask for a baseline. Instead, keep in mind that they’re there to help you improve yourself based on what your current abilities. Plus, lying about what you can do might cause your personal trainer to develop a plan that doesn’t fit your body or your needs.

2. Settle On What Motivation Works Best – Do you work better when you’re placed under pressure? Or are you more likely to do best when someone cheers you on? Discussing the tone you want to use for motivation will allow your personal trainer to adjust to you to make your routine even more effective. Tell them if you want to be taunted or yelled at reality-tv-show style, or if you prefer to be reinforced positively. If you don’t know which you work best with, experiment with both and see how your performance changes along with the communication style.
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3. Set Your Goals – A personal trainer isn’t in charge of deciding what you should strive to lose or gain. The goals that you will work towards will come from your own personal desires for yourself, and the plan to get those goals will be formulated by your personal trainer. Among the most important things you should discuss with your personal trainer are the goals that you want to attain with their assistance. Tell them which parts of your body you want to enhance, which you want to reduce, and what you generally want for yourself to give them a better idea of what fitness plan will work best for your body and your objectives.What Almost No One Knows About Trainers