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How to Select a Good Flea Product

Fleas are always a big hindrance in the lives of cats. Whatever you seem to do, fleas seem to always find their way back into our homes and on our cat’s bodies. One of the only ways to permanently get ride of these extremely annoying creatures is to use reliable and effective flea control treatments.

There are certain types of flea control products in the market that are better for our cat’s than others. A product that works quickly, is safe, convenient and effective in killing fleas is best. Below are some qualities of a flea control product to look for.

A product that is easy to use. So your cat will not resist when you are administering the flea control product, choose something that can be administered without stressing out your cat. A product that is very easy to administer is spot-on treatment. Dropping the medicine under your cat’s coat is the way spot-on is administered. The medicine is not dropped on the fur but under the fur, on the skin itself. After the medicine is dropped on the skin, it is spread around the entire body.
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A product that will be effective in a matter of hours. It is definitely heartbreaking to watch our cats scratching their skins off. Selecting a product that will take effect in a matter of 12 hours is the best choice to relieve your cat from it’s suffering sooner. Selecting a flea control product that will take effect in 12 hours or less will relieve you and your cat from suffering sooner.
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A product that will not be washed out during baths. When selecting a flea control product in the market, make sure you get one that will not be washed out when your cat is bathed or when she gets wet. There are many types of flea control products that will be absorbed by the skin and not get washed out with water. This is the most convenient type of flea control product, as you won’t have to keep reapplying the product every time your cat gets wet. These products that are absorbed deep into the skin are usually effective for up to 1 month before you have to reapply it. This is a very convenient feature of this type of product.

A product that is free of any harmful chemicals. It is always a good practice to read the label of any products you but to make sure that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that can cause harm to your beloved feline. Many flea control product will contain extremely strong chemicals used to kill fleas. Although they might kill off the fleas successfully, you may be doing more harm than good. It is always a good idea to ask your vet about a product before using it on your cat.